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The best management strategies include keeping leaves dry, encouraging air circulation.

I swear its always the plants that everyone says are the easiest that I kill. I got this plant a month or so ago. The leaves keep turning yellow and falling off, and other leaves keep getting brown tips that move down the length of the leaf.

I trimmed the tips of the leaves in the hope that it w Missing: Inverness FL. Feb 25, If the roots seem to be rotting and the soil is soggy, you’ve found the reason for leaves falling off dracaena. Cut off damaged roots and repot in a better situation.

When a dracaena is losing leaves, overwatering is the first place to look, but the problem can also be caused by too little treemulch.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Dec 23, Though there are many ways to do this, water propagation is generally the easiest way to go about it. Follow these instructions to propagate your Dragon Tree: Select a branch or stalk to propagate - Using sharp, clean scissors or shears, cut a branch off your Dragon tree at a 45 degree angle.

Place in water - Find a clear glass and fill with water. Make sure only the stem is submerged, Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Though generally low-maintenance, there are several reasons a red-striped dragon tree might lose leaves. Water Problems During hot summer or dry winter weather, plants lose a lot of treemulch.pwg: Inverness FL.

The sight of leaves falling off a dracaena plant is not always an indication of impending death. It is normal for the older leaves on a plant to fall off as the plant develops; this is to give room for new growth. In this case, the lowest leaves will usually turn yellow first before dropping from the treemulch.pwg: Inverness FL. This might be a duplicate, but as it is not set as answered, I have decided to ask the question again and try to provide some more information.

My Dracaena marginata leaves started to brown, break and then fall off for about three weeks. I went to a local store, and they gave me some anti-bacterial chemicals. They also suggested that the pot might be too small, so I transplanted treemulch.pwg: dragon treeInverness FL.

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